Fishing at Irenegarden

Irenegarden is registrated as a tourist fishing company at the Directorate of Fisheries. That means that you both can fish and export your catch back home when staying at Irenegarden. At Irenegarden we have got two boats for hire, look here for more information. 

Reporting of catch

From 1. january 2022 the Tourist fishermen must document that the fishing was done at a registered tourist fishing company when fish is exported out of Norway.
Irenegarden uses the easy GoFish solution for registration, reporting and documentation of the catch. The catch is automatically reported to the Directorate of Fisheries and the necessary documentation for export of fish will be generated within the solution.
Catches must be reported by the number of fish per species, per boat and per fishing trip or date. The reporting must include fish that are caught, but not taken ashore. Fishing trips without catch must also be reported (zero catch). The species needed to be reported is cod, halibut, pollock, redfish and catfish.

The GoFish solution we use is very easy and will guide you through the registration in just a few steps. It is simply done in a minute.

Export of fish

The export quota is 18 kilograms of fish or fish products. You can take the export quota with you up to twice per year.

Upon export, the customs agency will require documentation of catches that individual tourist fishermen have reported to the tourist fishing company. Such a printout or pdf file must contain:

  • Name of the business
  • Name of who has fished
  • How much is fished

The persons named on the document must be present when the fish is taken out of the country. It will only be possible to export the fish if you have fished and stayed with a registered tourist fishing company.